I just went to write a new blog post and found this draft from 2015. It still seems appropriate!

I am chaotic

FullSizeRenderCHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over syndrome) generally applies in our house. I am not a regular or cleaner of floors or anything for that matter. When it’s so bad that either I can’t ignore it anymore or, worse, someone comments so I can’t ignore it anymore, one of us will do it. OR, if we are expecting a visit. Many years ago I did try a system for several months that I read about in a self-help book (!) where I wrote down all household/garden jobs on index cards and filed them under days/weeks/months. If a job wasn’t done on a day, the card was moved to the next. I tried – window ledges were scrubbed once a month, the fridge and larder were clean and well stocked, the bathroom was so clean you could…wash in there without catching anything, we all had clean AND ironed clothes. But I was getting up earlier and earlier, working into the evening and still the little cards multiplied the next day. Artistic inspiration went out of the window as my rigid timekeeping allowed for no unplanned eventualities – especially visits, I didn’t have time for visitors…. The little index cards were eventually shredded. If you visit unannounced, we will be in a mess. If you call first, don’t open any closed doors unless you fancy being crushed by an avalanche of quickly shoved away clean laundry, paperwork, tools and books. And keep your shoes on.

Being chaotic, I need a diary and I do love a new diary. It is a year of possibilities.I gaze at the year planner in the front and imagine months of painting, I pencil in possible dates for exhibitions, classes and other arty events. I then get out the rubber and add the immovable inviolable dates and rethink. Last year’s diary holds cryptic notes and sketches, taunting my memory to try to remember what happened a whole year ago. Without the diary I can hardly remember what happened a week ago. I already have my 2015 diary, birthdays and anniversaries are marked and the year planner beckons.


My year planner for 2018 is The Maker’s Yearbook. ‘A goal setting workbook & planner for artists, makers and handmade business owners’. See my post Making it Work

It is working – 2017 turned into a jumble of tutoring, a little bit of painting now and then, the occasional flurry of putting work on Artfinder and pretty much no planning or marketing. I started to feel overwhelmed and let go of a lot of my commitments. 2018 by contrast has been well planned so far, strategies in place for emails, social media marketing and doing the right work at the right time.

Gone is the CHAOS and I am a well ordered, neat and tidy making and marketing machine…. Not. Thank goodness, chaos helps creativity. My desk is a mess (so is the house, but that really is another story), I have unfinished work and a list of jobs as long as your arm BUT, and a pretty big but, I can cope. It is all manageable. Everything is getting done, in fact more is getting done that I could have imagined last year,  I am still able to be creative and I have some money coming in from my art!

Here’s to chaos 🙂



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