Making it work

IMG_4777I’m busy making my art work as a business thanks to signing up to this Maker’s yearbook. It’s a journal with space for lots of goal setting, marketing planning, financial reports etc and comes with some great online backup and a Facebook group. Now, it’s easy to spend toooo long on this, I made that mistake the first couple of weeks, trying too get involved in all of the conversation. But now I am settling into my own pace and have been pretty good at sticking to my plan each week, if not each day (family, dog, festival planning, printing business and music practice).

My first priority was to work out what I want to concentrate on this year, what is going to be the best business decision. I have three main elements to my art practice – painting for selling, painting for commission, tutoring. They all rely on promotion so my web presence is the current job – I’ve updated this blog site to be a bit more useful, am working on my Art website and have tweaked my Pet portraits website for now ready for a full revamp in the spring.

I set myself a January target of getting 3 new bookings for demonstrations or workshops for art groups and succeeded. I sent out 15 emails – a one in 5 success rate, which I think is pretty good! It’s an ongoing process, looking for group contacts and getting in touch.

I’m now photographing my latest work and adding it to my art website and starting a new Etsy shop as Artfinder isn’t working for me.


I didn’t actually get any income from my art in January but invested time and effort to make the rest of the year profitable…. if I can keep up the momentum.

I need to get the brushes out now so I don’t forget to create new work!

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