You’ve been quiet!!

Yup, like most people I though I’d get loads done during lockdown but it didn’t work out like that. It started off really well. I did a few art tutorial videos and enjoyed doing them, planning to do a whole series of them to keep everyone inspired and creative. But things started to go wrong with the business (the day job) and we had to radically rethink our plans. Thinking lead to decisions and action – we needed to head in a new direction and that was websites, design and creation. I was furloughed so spent pretty much the entire lockdown period training in web design. It was great, but tiring and left me no time to be creative.
But – I did work on my own website as a test piece and set up a new online shop which is a massive bonus.
Here’s a little glimpse of what I did manage to do creatively. Right now I’m working on a series of glass paintings of trees which will, fingers crossed, be exhibited at the Grove Theatre in eastbourne at the end of the year.


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