Finding Creative Balance

I have added a new creative string to my bow, or a new reed to my clarinet. Suddenly I am in a band! Many years ago, just after doing A levels -yup, I’m that old- I did a bit of  busking with friends (one of whom later became my husband) singing Christmas carols and playing clarinet  to raise funds for  Cancer Research. Now, with that very same husband, the delectable Jim, I am once again playing clarinet and singing as ‘Milton Hide‘ and this week we have three gigs lined up.

As I was once again lamenting my lack of quality time in the art studio, Jim reminded me that, in addition to doing the accounts for our print and design business, I am about to start rehearsing for a play ( a re-run of Lend me a Tenor), am organising Summer Trifle and working on my mural, mosaic and gardens, as well as rehearsing music pretty much every night. I’ve even written a song. So my creativity has found new outlets which are vying for attention. Painting is still my first love so I will schedule time in the studio but perhaps I shall be concentrating on my sketchbook for a while until I get my creative balance back.

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