In the Past

DSC_0107_20140711_113I am awake at 4 in the morning and looking back over some of the projects I have been involved in over the years. Gallery North was one. The gallery in Hailsham was a second home to me for several years, I would spend time stewarding, exhibiting as a Resident Artist,  ran classes, workshops and free open evenings to encourage visitors (often spending time as Billy no mates), did publicity, emails, social media, set up and regularly updated the website.

I stepped away as I realised that trying to do that and put energy into Hailsham Festival of Arts & Culture was just too much, neither project would get full attention. And now I take my experiences of the gallery, the festival, Arlington Arts Group and its annual art show and put it towards my own exciting project, Summer Trifle. Watch this space 🙂

This was the old website I did for the gallery,  and the logo I designed for its ‘new look’. IMG_3643


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