Holiday and selfish art.

Every time we go anywhere on holiday I dutifully pack some art materials and promise myself I’ll do lots of painting and sketching for inspiration. Rarely do I actually do anything – I think the most I did was when we went on our ‘holiday of a lifetime’ (seriously, it was, no other holiday will ever come close to how fantastic that time in Italy was) when I decided kayaking on the lake wasn’t for me and I spent the day on my own on the balcony of the villa with views I couldn’t ignore. Yet those sketches never became anything more. Probably because landscapes really aren’t my thing – I’ll do some when the mood takes me, but I’m far more interested in movement, light, colour, shape and contrasts.

So, for this holiday – just a short break to a folk festival then a couple of days camping – I’ve ordered ‘specially some new vibrant coloured watercolours, paper, pens and brushes with the aim on NOT trying to capture landscapes but to just doodle and enjoy some no pressure just-for-fun painting. I’ve done lots of commissions lately, painted some pieces for demonstration and exhibition so haven’t done any purely selfish pictures for a while – looking forward to it. But you probably won’t see the results – like I said, selfish art 🙂

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