Holiday time

We must leave by 12 noon.

Last minute scramble to update the website so everyone  knows we’ll be out of the office, ensure there are no deadlines we’ll miss, there’s enough food in the house for the boys for while we’re away and of the kind that they will actually bother to cook, the dog has a sufficient quantity of tablets and there’s a rota of who’ll give them to him when. Charge camera battery and download all old photos.

Jim  to office to design a leaflet and print some posters for Hailsham Festival.

Open up and check the contents of the tent, give the tent a good airing, up into the loft to retrieve camping stove and cooking utensils, check shed for camping stove, check outhouse for camping stove, find and clean camping stove.

Find buckets and old umbrellas for Hailsham Festival umbrella parade.

Check diaries, send emails. Find matches and corkscrew.

9am. Josie to Hailsham to walk route of Umbrella Parade to do a risk assessment. Have a cup of tea. Go to festival committee meeting. Pick up bunch of festival programmes to take to Broadstairs.

12 noon. Pack band gear, camping gear, clothes and books into car and roof-box. Squish mattress and duvet into car. Stare misty eyed down lane looking for postman arriving with my new painting materials. Say goodbyes. Find camp site directions for Broadstairs festival and pick up camera battery. Check outhouse and shed to make sure postman didn’t leave package there. Tidy house and garden. Say goodbyes. Set off.

Stop for fuel.

Realise we’ve left Jim’s wallet behind.

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