Cutting it fine

I have started to fall in love with lino cutting. It is a wonderfully tactile form of art, slicing a knife through the lino and creating textures, the ink on the rollers gliding over the surface of the finished piece with a satisfying depth of colour, pressing down the paper then carefully, slowly, lifting one corner to gently ease it away from the ink. The perfect finished print takes a while, there are always a few rough first prints and I particularly like  making 2 colour prints where you need to take time to perfectly align the 2 prints.

The lino cuts are small and easily stored and transported, and quickly and affordably reproduced. My present paintings are VERY large, bold and colourful abstracts, definitely not easily transported, take a long time and involve some very expensive materials, so these prints are my alter ego works.

lino printsHere are some of my first prints to sell. Having done a little wood engraving, I like to get fine cuts so I tend to use just one or two of the smaller blades and avoid cutting large areas out with the big blades. That way I keep some extra textures in the print.

Over the weekend I will be printing some more, hopefully creating a second colour for the Iris print, then I will get on with setting up some type to add to the prints using our lovely little Adana printing press.


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