Stripping and pointing!

We’re getting on with winter jobs at Pickhams. Bill and Toby (Long Man Landscaping) have stripped off the huge mass of ivy that was threatening to bring down the walls round the secret garden so it’s all looking a bit sad and bare. The gateway and patio  were uneven and unsafe because of the roots of a scruffy fir tree that had been all but killed by the ivy so that came down too. The birds were looking a bit lost but they have plenty of other trees and safe places in the gardens and are enjoying the luxury of a brand new bird feeding station- the cats haven’t discovered it yet as they are a bit preoccupied with the arrival of a new dog in the household! So, bare walls are a blank canvas calling out for the artistic touch- I’m thinking a gradual blend into the whitewashed areas and asome subtle painted ivy leading the eye around to the purple trees.

The boys have also relaid the patio and it’s now ready for pointing and I have a stash of broken china (it was an accident, honest! Well, mostly) ready to add some mosaic features as we go. We’re just impatiently waiting for a delivery of sand..

I have been out this morning chipping off some of the loose render from the walls which, sadly, meant losing a large part of one of Mum’s tree paintings. I have a lot of repointing to do then will paint it white and extend the mosaic tree to merge with the painted one. The walls need a few new capping tiles where previous ivy damage has ripped them away leaving the walls susceptible to water damage. We have decided not to strip all of the ivy off the sandstone walls in the rest of the garden, just cut it back and try to tame it to prevent major damage as it looks beautiful and is great for wildlife, the wrens in particular loving it.

Pinterest is my main procrastination buddy at the moment- a spare 5 minutes can easily turn into half an hour or more of avid scanning of fabulous garden art ideas. I’ve collected a few if you want to have a look…here…  but maybe set yourself a time limit!

Before and after losing the render 😦


Extent of the ivy… hey, there was a wall under there!

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