Next step

mosaic me photo by Tim.jpg


Me working on the mosaic for Pickhams Arts Week – photo by Tim Church


I have decided to step down from my roles on various committees as I need to really focus on what is happening next with my art – I don’t like doing things half-heartedly so I find I get far too involved with projects. Treasurer for our local church, Chair of Arlington Arts Group and Artistic Director for Hailsham Arts Festival – all very worthy and I am glad to have helped, but it has been extremely hard work and has detracted from both our business and my art practices. I’m happy to help out, but I’ve got to stop being the one with responsibilities – too many sleepless nights!

Pickhams Arts Week was to have been our really big project of the year but, wonderful though it was (see my next blog for full details, photos and film – honestly, it was awesome) we did not have the energy or time to make it what it was originally intended to be as both of us were tied up with organising other events and volunteering on committees.  I did manage to paint a whole new series of works to exhibit this year and am about to start tutoring classes again – full details on the Teaching page soon – so I shall now be able to achieve even more! Recent sad events have reminded me that life can be far too short to risk wasting your own opportunities. I still need to find a way to achieve that canal boat under the willow tree next to our own arts centre….

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