Aglow with inspiration!

Having visited the Alice Pattullo exhibition at Mascalls Gallery (screen printing) and revisited the Chagall windows in Tudely church, I was full of inspiration to return to paintings on layers of glass – out of that was born the layered picture of the Russian dancers. I then found new ways of working with acetate for the Active Arts workshops so I need to get some more acetate and combine layers of that in my work. Then I visited the Art in Mind exhibition at the Towner, the You and Me Calais 2015 exhibition at the Birley Centre, the Peter Sellers behind the camera exhibition at the Towner and the Susan Lynch exhibition at the Under Ground Theatre. I am now so full of inspiration that I don’t know what to do next..

So, I have 3 tranches of work: one is new work that will be uploaded to the Artfinder website for sale, not for exhibition; another is ‘missing link’ work for exhibition, a part retrospective show with new pieces created to link the collections; and the third is experimentation, playing with all the different ideas and techniques that are fighting for attention and finding which ones to progress further for future collections. How terribly exciting!

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