Speed, freedom and a massive brush.

I had a big clear out of my studio today – getting rid of clutter and unnecessary paperwork – and changed the layout which freed up a surprising amount of space.  It’s something I really NEEDED to do to in order to seriously get on with painting again. And get on I did – 4 canvases at a possible finished stage (wait a few days..) and 4 more primed.  So did I finish the 2 paintings of dancers? Um, no, I  did something TOTALLY different. Having done some large sample boards for a recent mural, I discovered the pleasure of slapping on paint with a massive brush with no need for it to actually LOOK LIKE anything. I also recently ran a day’s  workshop for the Bexhill Art Society on Landscapes from photos heading as far towards the abstract as they liked. Some took it to an extreme, some just changed colours. With just 15 minutes left until the critique, I looked at the piece I had been working on alongside them and realised it was far, far too close to realism so I quickly whipped out the acrylics, a large board and slapped on whatever colours I had left in the palette. Tada! I loved the result and enjoyed the freedom that speed gave me.


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