On the wall

I was delighted to be asked by Lindsey Tipler of Design Interventions, to help with the design of a mural. The client wanted a whole room, wrap around mural in the style of work by Albert York.  Here are some of the stages in the process – a process I enjoyed immensely and would be very happy to do again!

Stage 1 – research. I looked at examples of paintings by Albert York, mainly on

Stage 2 – design and experimenting

Stage 3- adapting the design

Stage 4 – paint on the walls.  Images from my original design were projected onto the wall and outlined in pencil,  flat areas filled in with base coat emulsion, acrylic blends on top

Stage 5 – incorporating required features

Using Sketchbook pro to show client mockup of suggested element in room. This was a really useful design tool which allowed me to really quickly create mockups to email to Lindsey to show her client exactly what the suggested elements would look like in the finished room.

Final stage – with layer of acrylic glaze to give appearance of being inside an oil painting

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