I flew!

I’ve recently returned from a trip to New York, which for me is a massive deal and was a huge adventure! I stayed with my sister in law on Long Island and fortunately she did all the driving as I would probably have been more terrified of Manhattan driving than the aeroplane journey- and that’s saying something. We visited MoMA, the museum of modern art and saw the exhibition of sculptures by Picasso. I’ve always loved much of Picasso’s work, particularly his early analytical cubist paintings and had seen images of some of his cardboard three dimensional works so it was a revelation to see some of these ‘in the flesh’ amongst rooms full of sculptural works spanning various stages of development. It was the kind of moment that makes you want to rush home and create…. I didn’t rush home, I stayed for 2 weeks, but looking again at the photos has rekindled that feeling of inspiration.

Amongst other simply awesome sights, we took in the High line (The High Line is a 1.45-mile-long New York City linear park built in Manhattan on an elevated section of a disused New York Central Railroad spur called the West Side Line. Wikipedia). It is an area of calm above the city passing over art galleries and various art installations, teaming with people but all moving at a slower pace and a surprisingly large number of them were not attached to mobile phones.

Central Park, another oasis in the city, flocks of sparrows and flocks of varied dogs with their walkers, horse drawn carriages for tourists, a group of acapella singers working out a routine on top of one of the rocks, in the background the looming skyscrapers looked the surreal element in the picture.

imageI took many, many photos so have painting fodder for quite a while. Here’s one on the go, I just need to stop myself trying to do them all at once. Next year, Jim and I will return for a few days at the start of a music/ art road- trip – I really can’t wait, just might need to get a bit of therapy in the meantime to cope with the flight!

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