Padding it out

We talked about getting a tablet, iPad, iPhone etc. I’m a big fan of keeping a paper diary and not having your whole life wrapped up in a bit of technology that you can’ t possibly understand or have complete control over. When our son lost his android phone once it was a major issue because he had bank cards linked to buying accounts, no PIN numbers etc so everything needed cancelling in case it had been stolen. My inclination is to stick with a dumb phone that is a Phone not a computer, and to save the other stuff for when I’ m at a desk with an actual computer. But, a trip to the states hot on the heels of birthdays prompted the discussion.

A book to read on the flight- a paper book, a kindle or a tablet- iPhone would be too small.

A camera- camera or tablet. We’ve been using a digital slr camera, our little pocket cameras are fine for snaps, mobiles can take great pics but the iPad we tried was great.

touch screen- ugh. Jim’s iPhone is allergic to me- I touch it gently, finger tips on the edge so I don’ t accidentally touch something and buy the world, it does weird things. Screens are inherently fragile, everyone I know has cracked a screen, and I like keys I can press.. Hard.

But, we tried out various option in pc world and were impressed with the iPad Air. It is good for digital art,photography, FaceTime, music, and accounts and graphics, books and internet so ticked all boxes. You even get a pen so you don’ t have to use fingers. Great to take away and be able to keep in touch with family, business etc and keep me occupied! I think that may have been one of Jim’s prime objectives as he knew I was really nervous about travelling.

SO, here are some of my first attempts at art using SketchBook on the iPad Air. I’m hooked. Layers mean I can work just as a do on a canvas: dark background, sketch lines, flat colours working from background to foreground then a good deal of fiddling. The quality of no.2 here is very much like my paintings on glass so a great way to plan a work before getting on with it. Tomorrow I get out the acrylics so I don’t get too hooked!

One response to “Padding it out

  1. I’m afraid it’s too late… I love these iPaintings! Hope you’re enjoying the iPad – they do so many useful and wonderful things.

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