Getting on with it

It’s been a while since I wrote a load of old twaddle and wittered on about my inane life, so it’s about time to do so.

In the past few weeks I’ve put my goal-setting plans into action by running more classes, doing commissions, taking bookings for workshops and classes and starting work on updating my website. I’ve also been overdosing on inspiration and experimentation which has all been very exciting. I have a plan for a long term exhibition project – paintings of people walking their dogs – for which I have started taking photos and doing initial sketches but need to knuckle down on that a bit more as my vision is starting to fade into the background a little under these unremitting waves of fabulous inspiration.

Eastbourne college Summer arts programme 2015

Eastbourne college Summer arts programme 2015

My most recent wake-up-and-smell-the-oil-paint slap in the face by work that makes me think “what I’ve done up until now has been rubbish, THIS is what I want to work towards”, was at the exhibition by David Armitage at the Birley centre in Eastbourne.  His work makes you want to run towards the enormous canvases and hug them, absorbing the warmth and intensity of their glorious colours – they inspire smiling, the desire to dance and you can hear music. True freedom of expression. David explained that he found the dual life of being an illustrator working to commission and an artist wasn’t working for him which is why he no longer illustrates (he of the Lighthouse Keepers Lunch) and that he is not relying on selling his paintings so is not under pressure to be commercial. The exhibition ends today so if you are reading this after 4pm 26/4/15 , have a look at Davd’s website.

Oh the joy of being in that situation. For me, for now, I must compartmentalise my life. This is the day I work on accounts, that is the day I work on commissions and tutoring, that is the day I can let rip and let the creative juices flow. All very well in theory, but it rarely works in practice but when it does, I know the results will be spectacular, I can feel it!

So here now are a few examples of the random bits of art I have created over the last few weeks as experiments, commissions, practice, demonstrations and just plain play. Funnily enough, the pastel paintings of skies have had the best reactions on Twitter and Facebook so my commercial brain is telling me to do more of those – I enjoy doing them so I shall do more, but it feels a bit like a covers band playing another version of Mustang Sally, everyone knows it well and enjoys it but it’s not new…

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