Being brave

Cajun Dawgs by Josie TiplerPart of my plan for the future is to get out in the open to do more painting and sketching and that requires a bit of bravery – people come and watch what you are doing!

I put on my ‘demonstration’ persona/hat last night and picked up a sketchbook and pen at a gig telling myself it’s easier than giving a painting demonstration because I don’t have to give a running commentary on what I’m doing and people are there to watch the band not me! It only took five minutes for the first person to come up and peer closely at what I was doing and make a comment,  but no-one wants to have a conversation while the band’s playing so that worked in my favour -just a nod and smile and I could carry on.

I worked fast and didn’t worry too much about what it was looking like as I drew, my pen whipped up and down in time to the music and I let myself get totally absorbed. The final result doesn’t really do any of the individuals justice but it gives an overall feel of the band on stage in this fabulous setting of a highly kitsch stage bedecked with silk flowers, lights and plastic owls.

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