getting silly

cabaret 2014 poster-page-0It’s that silly time of year again – CABARET!! I love it. Every year I start thinking ‘never again’ because it’s so exhausting, the house gets in a horrible mess, family gets neglected and mealtimes are non-existent. But then you get to the performances and the buzz makes it all worthwhile and now I feel I want to be on stage singing every night and writing sketches and having a laugh with the rest of the cast, putting on make-up and high heels, wearing dresses and acting like a girl again…. excuse me, I just need to have a little lie down….

It’s also ‘promotion’ time of year. I start promoting my art classes for the next year, my Pet portraits to get Christmas commissions and my Gift Vouchers. As part of this I have taken pitches at a few craft stalls in the last month and felt the incredible knock back of selling absolutely NOTHING at 2 of them and just 6 cards at another. I had lots of nice chats with people who were complimentary about my work and some interest in the classes and commissions so some after sales MAY happen, but in the meantime I’ve spent out a lot more money than I’ve got back…On the other hand, I had the same items in Gallery North for the 10th Anniversary open morning and sold a painting and many cards. Yup, some crafts can fit into an art gallery but art does not belong in a craft show.

My plan of ‘busking’ art may happen in a couple of weeks. I was delighted to be given a free cup of tea in Battle the other week just a few minutes after setting up my easel to paint the Abbey. I have been intending to do some ‘plein air’ painting in the towns to purely advertise myself and my classes, but maybe I should have a hat under the easel after all…It depends on how brave I’m feeling. Maybe I’ll write myself a character to play… the moody artist who sings opera loudly while she paints, talks to herself, bops about every now and then and chain drinks tea…oh actually, that is me.

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