Gallery day

Ali Sivyour and her wirework

Felicity and I had a ‘gallery visit’ day yesterday. We started at the Emma Mason Gallery in Eastbourne to see the exhibition of work by the late Robert Tavener, printmaker. The gallery specialises in original prints (lino in this case) and there were some original watercolours. I loved seeing the printing blocks (not sure if that’s the right term) that were actually used to create some of the prints on the walls, all hand cut of course, plus original sketches in his sketchbooks. It’s a lovely little gallery, a lot crammed into a small space but it didn’t feel crowded at all – I’ll definitely visit again.

Then we wandered up to find the ‘hidden’ South Street Art Studios gallery in little Chelsea but looks like we had just missed an exhibition so it was closed so we walked back to the Towner.

Gallery North

Not having much time before we had to be back in Hailsham we went straight upstairs to the Twixt Two Worlds display. It’s always fun to step into a darkened room through a black curtain but I’m afraid, as usual, I was a bit non-plussed by the three films on show and the displays on the walls and in the cases really did nothing for me as an exhibition. Yes, there were some sweet black and white silent movies being shown on a loop which I enjoyed, and the early photos of Animal motion appealed to me, but I didn’t get any sense of cohesion or the title ‘Twixt two worlds’. The Magic Lanten show was wonderful – a few seconds each but you could examine some of the slides in a case and, despite the fact that sadly it was a digital version that was projected onto a  stark white wall, I could sense the wonder of those who first saw these ‘moving images’.

Alex Baker with her ceramics

A quick bite to eat at the always enjoyable Chapter 12 Wine Bar in Hailsham, then we were at the preview of the Winter Sculpture Exhibition at Gallery North. There are some beautiful, organic pieces in the front room by Carol Sinclair which suit the space very well, specially where they are in the natural light from the window. More 3d work, wire sculptures by Ali Sivyour, is on both levels of the gallery and the humour and flowing lines are very appealing. As are the tactile wood turned pieces by John Turner, ceramic work by Alex Baker and felt and textile work by Jo Cranston. There is work on show by some of the artists who exhibited at the very first Gallery North show as this is the 10th anniversary exhibition and, in my opinion, one of it’s best. Oh, and my latest piece, Inside the Forest (the 3d glass painting) is on show upstairs too.

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