Al fresco painting

I was about to start work in the studio when I glanced out the window and saw how gorgeous the weather was. Sporting thick winter coat and wellies, I set up facing the sun and soon had to shed the coat because it was so warm. The light changed a lot from when I started but it actually intensified the shadows and brought out the red glow of the leaves that are just starting to turn.

This started as a piece of black mountboard and I did the initial sketch very quickly with a thick brush and white acrylic paint, scrubbing in the light quickly in case the sun disappeared. Surprisingly the paint wasn’t drying as quickly s usual, despite the board not being primed, but I managed to keep working, adding yellow to the white areas, gradually adding more and more blues and greens. There’s a bit more work needed on the foreground and the base of the trees, but it’s pretty much finished. I’ll carry on in the studio after a cuppa.

This has given me a bit more confidence to go into town and do some painting in the street to advertise myself.

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