I am planning an exhibition alongside Anne Howard at Gallery North later this year. The gallery’s calendar needed to be set up in February for the whole year so we had to come up with a name for our exhibition.  After much debate on names including Butterfly Effect and Double Vision, we came up with ‘Vistas and Visions’. Anne paints beautiful and intricate landscapes and I …. well, I paint anything and everything but this will feature a broad spectrum of new work which, having looked at the relevant definitions and  synonyms, can be effectively described as ‘Visions’.

glass tree_23

Now I have to work out how to hang and display my work to its best advantage in the gallery space (once I have created the work, of course, but the display decision may dictate the creation). Light is going to play an important part in some of my pieces so I have to decided whether to incorporate a light source in the work or trust to the variances of the natural and artificial lighting in the gallery. I quite like the thought that the pieces will change at different times of day and in different locations, but I also know that you have a fraction of a second to make someone stop and look at your work – they’re not going to stand there for half an hour or so until the light is in the right place or even glance at the work from different angles. What I really want is an illuminated conveyor belt….

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