Sleeping dogs

???????????????This morning I had the chance to carry on sleeping. Usually we are up just after 7am to see the boys off to work, then Jim cycles off to Hailsham and I start work at home. Even on Saturdays we are up early and the last Sunday we slept late was the morning after the last night of Cabaret. Today none of the boys needed to get up and Jim was setting off early on oh-so-quiet tippy toes, to drive to Heathrow. Peace.

I did not take into account the dog.

The dog that usually needs to be woken up from his gaseous coma to stumble to his food bowl then bumble out for a wee before slumping back into bed. This morning he wanted to follow Jim. He can’t see or hear, how did he even know? But the wheezy whining started as Jim drove off, it was then followed by a few squeaky wookie-like purring sounds, some loud ‘harrumphs’ and finally some door scratching. I got up, he skipped to the door like a puppy, ate noisily, trotted out to the garden, barked to come back in, barked at Mum’s bedroom door so she came out and gave him a biscuit. He’s now snoozing happily and I feel cheated of that little extra bit of kip.

I think it’s my fault. I got so engrossed in spreadsheets, online banking and financial reports yesterday that I didn’t take him out for a walk ’til after dark. He now has a collar containing a red LED light so we can keep track of him on his midnight wee outings. As I switched on his collar light I expected him to either lower himself gently to he ground and look up at me with that ‘seriously? NOW you think I want to go out?’ expression or to need constant prodding and encouragement to move. But no, out into the darkness he scampered, running full tilt in our usual walkies direction. I had to trot to keep up, gripping a pathetically glowing ‘torch’, but wasn’t in time to stop him running face-first into a prickly bush. Not phased, he neatly sidestepped and I spent a white-knuckle ten minutes  yelping and pouncing to stop him launching himself into fences, walls, trees and ditches. We’d done so many twists and turns even I got disorientated and we both ended up in a water-filled hole in the middle of the field after which he was happy enough to trot back indoors.

Next time we do that, I’d like to set up a camera to shoot the trail left by his red LED light. It must have looked hilarious from space.

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