What, no studio?

My studio, which you may recall moved back out into the garage when number one son moved in temporarily, is now unusable. Firstly it is simply too cold out there – short of setting light to the beams, nothing will warm up that space and painting whilst wearing a duvet and bobble hat just gets messy. But, more importantly, the ‘creative space’, or space in which to be creative, has been filled. I have made several assaults on it, moving ‘stuff’ to garden, shed, stable, summerhouse and jumble sale. But it just keeps filling up – it’s like some magical place that you empty, shut the door and when you open the door a second later it has become host to bits of car and bike and motorbike, boxes, clothes, furniture, hoovers and yes, art studio stuff.

I am not a tidy person. I blitz every now and then and feel great for it but generally I get so absorbed in what I am doing that putting stuff away just doesn’t occur to me. It has rubbed off on the family.Two musicians, two mechanics, an ancient, moulting dog and an even more ancient but equally moulting cat and a slob of an artist do not make for a clean and tidy domicile. The upshot is my creative flow doesn’t. Working on a laptop on the little patch of desk that isn’t covered in papers is easier than trying to find space to stand at an easel. But no more! The kitchen table is cleared, the paints, canvases and brushes are to hand so at the crack of dawn tomorrow I SHALL PAINT!

Once the camera battery has recharged I shall upload photos of what I have managed to do over the last few weeks and write a bit about why my sketchbook is now full of weird notes like “HANDS, pulling, pushing, enveloping. BUTTERFLY! Flight, flow, flap. MUSIC, dance, feet. FEET!”

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