Ruby in the rain


For ‘The Big Draw’ there didn’t seem to be anything happening in the immediate vicinity suitable for all ages so Felicity Price Smith and I decided to run a last minute free event from Gallery North. We mentioned it on twitter and facebook and registered it on the Big Draw website but that was all the promotion it had so we were pleased that we actually had some participants! Seven of us braved the rainy weather to wander around the town centre sketching then returned to the gallery once the rain got too heavy. Ruby was our youngest participant and I think the most prolific, drawing buildings, people, market stalls and roses with raindrops.

It was all very sociable – people see you sketching and they stop and chat, which doesn’t happen when you take snaps with a mobile ‘phone. Once back at the gallery we all sat round a table and drew whatever we wanted on a group piece whilst talking about anything and everything. The resulting work was surprising with fairies, a mermaid, fish, ducks, a dragon, market stalls, hot air balloons, Australia, sunshine and clouds, a lighthouse, parachutes and lots more! It was such fun and so relaxed I think we should make it a regular event at the gallery – I’ll keep you posted.

The next Big Draw event I am involved in is on 31st October at the Arlington Arts Group session. Pop in anytime from 7pm at Arlington Village Hall (it ends at 9pm), the whole evening is free to anyone who wants to come along, we’ll provide the drawing materials.


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