seriously, now what?

The festival is over and the biro encrusted pages of my diary have been replaced by crisp white ones with just one or 2 word scrawls such as Market stall, stewarding, Pevensey demo, AAG, HAG and  FILING!! I had work on show in 4 different venues for the festival and sold 6 cards and a small goldfish (on canvas) and now want to get into serious artist mode. I don’t have any desire to traipse around galleries or schmooze in order to ‘make it’ as an artist. I just want to paint and if I happen to make some money out of it that’s great, but I don’t want it to be the REASON I paint. I can make some money from commissions and demonstrations which I really enjoy (getting paid to stand in front of a crowd of people for two hours, painting and talking about myself and what I’m doing – what’s not to like?) so I’ll make time for that artistic ‘stream’ as well as my serious stuff – well, I say ‘serious’….  Having struggled for a while to settle on a new ‘series’ – many have started with two or three similar themed works such as  Rural Industrial, Musicians and the works on glass and I will come back to those – I came to the conclusion is what I really want is for people to look at my work and feel happy. The world is full of struggle and despair and injustices that individuals are helpless to change but I feel that I can make a teeny contribution by making somebody laugh or smile. So I’m aiming for a ‘serious’ one woman show next year of paintings to make you smile and  now’s a good time to start as we’re in Dicker Cabaret rehearsal mode which is all about laughter. Get your tickets soon!

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