Festival looms…

Hailsham Festival of Arts & Culture officially starts tomorrow (it actually started weeks ago with competitions and workshops and the first theatre performance was last night, but it SAYS 7th on the programme, anything else is a bonus). I’ve got myself far too involved as usual – I arranged the Umbrella Decorating Workshop last Saturday so got creative with the brollies and am organising the Umbrella Parade tomorrow morning so now have that magic pillow, the one that reboots your brain 2 hours after you lie your head on it so you click back into organisational mode and sleep is impossible.  I’m also in charge of the Festival website which gives me far too much opportunity to simply faff around on the internet all day instead of painting.

Despite that I have got some artwork done. For the Festival Art Trail, on Sunday I hung 2 new cat portraits in Chapter 12  (plus 3 fish pictures), on Monday I hung 7 new works at Gallery North, on Tuesday I helped to hang the Arlington Arts Group exhibition at the library and this evening am setting up the group exhibition at the Bluebell Barn in Arlington so look out for lots of new works!

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