Of silver, green and blue

Right, a bit of colour inspiration for my writing today.

  • Silver: it’s my and Jim’s Silver wedding anniversay today;
  • Green: to celebrate we went to see the astonishingly busy and magnificent Jack in the Green festivities in Hastings yesterday;
  • Blue: on our way to Hastings we cycled through a woodland full of bluebells under a blue sky and rode next to a blue sea, but I’m NOT blue about being rejected for the RA Summer Exhibition.

I have more work on show in the upstairs room at Gallery North – including the 2 ‘Rural Industrial’ pieces that were on show recently at the Salon de Refuses in Eastbourne, Ice, Smoke, Green Refections, Tunnel, Sunlit Window and Widget. I’ve been trying to come up with some connection but it’s all a bit surreal really. I suppose one connection is that none of them contain a fish.

At the weekend I had 3 pieces on show at the St Mary’s Church Art Show in Ticehurst. Magpies, Metamorphosis Forest and Aquarium 10. Firstly, it’s a beautiful church and fabulous venue for an art show, secondly it’s a very well organised and supported event. It’s a fund raiser for the church and is held every 2 years – as you can see from the photos, screens are set up in the pews with spotlights, there are free standing display easels and there was some beautiful work on show. Everyone showing has some connection with the village – my connection is being one of the Tipler family!

I finished my latest commission of a gorgeous looking white and ginger cat called Kitkat. He’s in watercolour and you can see the progress shots on a previous post. I did enjoy sitting at a table with the fine brushes instead of standing at an easel with the big acrylic or oil brushes, it made a nice change, but I’m looking forward to working on a BIG canvas next.

As for the Summer Exhibition, I saw the letter and my heart skipped a beat until I remembered someone telling me ‘if you’ve been accepted they send you lots of information so it’s a large envelope’ – it was a small envelope. I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed but it’s not dented my confidence. I’ll be glad to have the picture back so I can display it with the rest in the series.

Talking of skipping a beat, I’m feeling much better having had various tests on my chest and being told my heart and lungs are tickety boo. I’d also found a couple of lumps in my breast which added to the stress of worrying about my health, but these were quickly checked and found to be benign cysts. I have been very impressed with the NHS – no problems getting doctor’s appointments,  x-rayed within 2 weeks, CT scan within 7 days, breast appointment in 7 days and of all the visits to the DGH I’ve only once had to pay for the car park because I’ve generally been in and out in under 15 minutes!

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