West Pier, Hove 2

West Pier, Hove 2

West Pier, Hove 2

My entry into the RWS Contemporary Watercolour competition 2013. Painted in gouache, a medium I have rediscovered after a break of a few years and am thoroughly enjoying using again.

I painted this in the same way I have painted all the other pieces so far in my Rural Industrial series. I blocked in the dark flat colour of the overall shape of the wreck of the pier, then painted the light sky and sea to form the thin lines of the structure. It’s a laborious process, I know it would be much quicker to actually paint the pier, but I enjoy creating the unusual negative shapes and create subtle changes of colour and tone, throwing up geometric shapes into the flat areas of sky.

west pier, hove 2 - progress

west pier, hove 2 – progress

One response to “West Pier, Hove 2

  1. really like this, especially the work in progress pic

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