submission mission

It’s time to really make an effort to get my work in front of a wider audience. At the start of 2012 I submitted some work into the Towner’s East Sussex Open, unsuccessfully. Looking back at what I submitted and what was chosen I am really not surprised. I chose some pieces that I had painted during the year, all ‘safe’ and well painted but not exciting and certainly not guaranteed to catch the eye of the judging panel. I couldn’t think of what to write about the work because there wasn’t much to say. This is a painting of turtles. No subtext, hidden meanings or creative statement.

Throughout this year I have been producing more innovative works, starting several new ‘collections’ – none of them complete yet, don’t rush me, I’ll make some resolutions in the New Year! I even managed to talk about my thinking behind the works to visitors to my open Studio in the summer. I’m holding back some of my new work ready to approach galleries once I have a sufficient number to call a collection. So when I decided to try again at submitting to the Towner I knew I wanted to create something especially for it, not just pick something that ‘will do’.

Having visited the Jerwood in Hastings with the Blue Monkey Network to view the Jerwood Drawing Prize exhibition, I felt a little more in tune with the criteria that work is judged on. I can’t profess to understand all of the ‘wordiness’ behind some of the artists’ descriptions of their own work and have a horror of sounding pretentious when talking about my own work, but an idea began to crystalize as I listened to some of the artists talk about their experience of the submission process.

Conflicts, constraints, changes and choices… and fish of course.


The piece I have created (almost finished, just got to work out how to put the elements into the frames and display at the right height) is a progression from my experiments this year with scraping paint off acetate, like this trial fish piece which was actually on perspex.

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