Out of Circles

Out of Circles

Out of Circles – retrospective

This is an early work of mine, Out of Circles,  first exhibited at the Paddock Studios in Lewes many years ago – I really can’t remember the date, probably about 2000. It is based on a very precise and tight pencil drawing that I did in my foundation year at Hastings College of Arts & Technology (or Hastings college of Further Education, now Sussex Coast College Hastings) in the early 80s.

After a course of Life Drawing classes at Eastbourne College of Arts and Technology (or EVOC, now Sussex Downs College, Eastbourne Campus) in the late 90s I started to get interested in breaking the form down into geometric shapes, hence all the circles. Using tracing paper over the original, I drew precise circles and straight lines to make each line of the figure drawing. I then painstakingly cut these out of tissue paper and overlaid them, using PVA glue to make the overall form of the figure, adding gouache details and lines.

Looking back at this I can see how the fracturing of the image links in with my love of the cubist style, although I am sure this was not my intention at the time. I had become absorbed in the interconnectedness of line and shape in the human form and the laying down of solid shapes, the tissue paper, created more intersections.

The figure is tightly wound, possibly sorrowful or in pain with the dark surroundings giving the feeling of isolation, the red hinting at an imminent burst of energy as the tightly wound figure uncoils.

You can see more examples of these works on my website:

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